Best Housekeeping Tips from Grandma You’ll Wish You Known About Sooner

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In this post, these grandma’s will share their favorite housekeeping tips that will change how you tidy your home forever.

1.Always be tidyin’.

” Don’t save all your household chores for one day. Instead clean up messes as they happen or keep a bin to toss junk in until you have the time to place it where it belongs. Doing this daily will save you time and a headache. Always be tidyin’!”- Elizabeth from Georgia, Age 79

2. Make do with less.

“I try my best to make do with less. So I snip sponges in half and I never throw away old towels. Instead I cut them up and use them as dusting or polishing rags.” –Mary from Virginia, Age 69

3. Make your own cleaning products.

“I make a window cleaner that’s better than anything you’ll find in the store. 1 cup water, vinegar, rubbing alcohol and a few drops of lemon oil and glycerine. Your windows will spotless!” –Judith from Florida, Age 88

4. Use Flour-sack towels for cleaning.

“I do not use paper towels in my household. I believe its a waste of money! Instead I buy flour-sack towels to do my cleaning. It’s worth the investment because they last a very long time.” –Dorothy from Texas, Age 63

5. Vanilla extract is perfect for deodorizing.

“Before I invite guests over, I boil a small pot of water and I add a few drops of vanilla extract to it. Sometimes I add orange peels. I leave this on the oven for a few minutes to get my entire home smelling good. Everyone thinks I’m baking all the time…nope!”- Shirley from Louisiana, Age 71

6. Always dust with a damp cloth.

“Dusting should be done with a damp cloth. Try adding a few drops of lavender oil for a pleasant scent. To use anything else, in my opinion would be a waste of time.”-Linda from Kansas, Age 57

7. Lemons are nature’s best natural cleaners.

” I love using lemon to clean. I use lemon juice to get rid of smells and to sanitize my wooden spoons and cutting boards. To polish my stainless steel kitchen sink I use a lemon half sprinkled with salt. “- Susie from California, Age 70

8. Use salt to prevent stains.

“While a stain is still fresh, pour table salt on it. It will help soak up the stain and make it easier to wash out.”-Darla from Washington, Age 64

9. Coffee grounds will help get rid of bad smells.

“I use coffee grounds in a small cup or bowl to get rid of bad smells. This works really well for the fridge and bathroom. “-Ella Mae from Tennessee, Age 82
10. Apply wax to your air vents.

“I hate dusting and try to find ways out of doing it. But I have found using a little bit of car wax on my air vents in my home will help prevent dust build up.”- Gloria from Idaho, Age 72.


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