Here are best 7 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older And Tired

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Nobody’s perfect, and when it comes to makeup, trends come and go but we are still here trying and learning how to use makeup. There are some mistakes that we all make which doesn’t highlight our qualities. We have gathered the most common mistakes women do when it comes to makeup.

Outlining your bottom lash line

This mistake will make your eyes look smaller, will draw attention to dark circles and it will pull down the physiognomy.

Applying blush wrong

If your blush starts or ends below the nose line, you’ll look older.

Exaggerating with the lip contour

Although Kylie Jenner launched the trend of drawing your lips beyond their natural line, this trend will make your lips look like plastic. Respect the natural lip line and choose light colors matching your skin to get the Botox effect.

You don’t use the lip liner to paint your lips

The liner shouldn’t be used only to shape the lips. To prolong the lipstick on your lips use lip liner as a base for your lipstick.

Using bronzer all over your face

Bronzing powder is used in first tan areas as cheeks, nose and forehead. If you choose to use bronzer all over your face you’ll notice that it doesn’t look very natural.

Using only one brush for eye makeup

To create a natural effect, don’t use a flat brush for applying and mixing colors. I recommend you have at least two brushes in your beauty bag: a flat one to apply the eye shadow and a blending one to mix the colors.

You don’t try other shades

Makeup is not like a tattoo to have it for a lifetime. Try as much as possible makeup shades in your mirror and you’ll definitely know what suits you best.

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